An overview of the global dairy market

Published Apr 13, 2023

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Raw milk production is growing in the US, Europe and New Zealand, despite limited import demand in China and worsening economic conditions in Southeast Asia. Milk prices in the Northern Hemisphere continue to fall. Although, it was not without exceptions. India is considering allowing the import of dairy products as the country's raw milk production has fallen sharply and prices for butter, ice cream and other goods are likely to rise.

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Production and demand Europe. EU member states and Great Britain are increasing the production of raw milk. In March, there was a surplus of raw milk in the EU, and purchase prices were falling. In Europe, significant reserves of butter and milk powder have accumulated, which will be enough to cover the demand on the domestic and export markets in the near future. Demand for butter and cheese was weak in the EU during March. A certain interest in cheeses on the part of European catering establishments was observed on the eve of Easter. However, one interest from cheesemakers is not enough to rid the European market of excess production. The fact that the demand for dairy products in the world remains limited does not work in favor of the Europeans. China is reducing the volume of dry milk imports due to the increase in production of this product inside the country during the quarantine. China currently has sufficient reserves of milk powder. Stable demand for dairy products in ...
Source: MilkUA
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