Promising trial with early, grafted Hass avocado in Lebanon

Published Sep 28, 2023

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Avocado cultivation in Lebanon is undergoing a significant expansion, with the area and yield increasing. Mohamad Hijazi, an expert in avocado cultivation, played a key role in driving this growth by improving cultivation techniques and providing advice to other growers. With support from organizations like USAID, the French government, and the Dutch government, the sector is focusing on both cultivation and export, with plans to further add value through processing avocados into guacamole.
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In the south and north of Lebanon, on plots no higher than 500 meters above sea level, avocado cultivation is undergoing a remarkable revolution. The area is increasing by approximately 200 hectares and the yield by approximately 2,500 tons per year, but the special thing is that one man is the driving force behind the growth of a sector that has actually always existed, but has remained on site for too long. kept kicking. “Many citrus growers in Lebanon all also had a number of avocado trees, but the average yield of that crop remained far behind production potential for a long time,” says Mohamad Hijazi, grower, motivator and point of contact for the sector in the country. "I started growing avocados in the year 2000, because at that time there appeared to be a more stable market for them than for citrus. I grew the crop based on my experience with citrus, just like everyone else. Until I decided in 2003 "I worked through some studies at the University of California Riverside ...
Source: AGF
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