"Ramadan boosts the marketing of Bahri dates from Peru"

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Published Mar 21, 2024

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Dutch importer Yex has reported a surge in demand for fresh Bahri dates from Peru during Ramadan. The company, which supplies these dates across Europe and America, anticipates an increase in harvest in the coming years as the trees reach maturity. The Bahri date harvest in Peru has been successful, unaffected by El Niño, unlike other crops. Yex also promotes consumption by packaging the dates in various formats and providing recipe cards. The current price is approximately 10 euros per kilo, but is expected to decrease with the arrival of the first sea shipment.
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( Yex has recorded an increase in demand for fresh Bahri dates from Peru coinciding with the fasting month of Ramadan. The Dutch importer has been receiving Bahri dates by air for two weeks and the first sea loads of Peruvian product will arrive soon. Peruvian Bahri dates are a unique product in the Yex range. "Our producer Athos, who also supplies us with pomegranates, figs, physalis and avocados, is the only producer of Bahri dates in Peru. We take care of their distribution in much of Europe. Since the trees are still young, the harvest should grow over the next few years," explains commercial director Edwin van Leeuwen. "The product is distributed in the United Kingdom, Europe, and also in America, where it has a good market." "Unlike other Peruvian crops, such as asparagus, mangoes or avocados, which have had very disappointing results, the Bahri date harvest has been good. It seems that El Niño does not affect these dates too much," continues Edwin. Yex introduced ...
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