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Record-breaking stocks of cereals and rapeseed in Poland, how will this affect prices?

Updated Jan 23, 2023
As we have already reported on, the last week brought significant reductions in the prices of cereals and rapeseed. Wheat costs PLN 1,200/t on average, and rape – PLN 2,350. This is much less than two weeks ago. Drops reach several hundred zlotys per ton. It's the same with stock exchanges.
What imports of cereals and rapeseed from Ukraine? - Quotations of wheat on the CBOT and MATIF exchanges were at their lowest levels since the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Rapeseed prices on the MATIF exchange are at their lowest levels since August 2021. In Poland, additional pressure is exerted by record-breaking imports from Ukraine, which causes numerous farmers' protests, writes Mirosław Marciniak, an analyst at InfoGrain, in his report. He was one of the speakers at our regional conferences "Direction of Innovation", where he directly talked about the prices and balances of agricultural raw materials. And the information from the farmers' point of view is not good. This can also be seen on our streets, because farmers protested in large numbers last week due to excessive imports from Ukraine. - Hard data confirm record-breaking imports of cereals and rape from Ukraine - only from the beginning of the current season, i.e. from the beginning of July, the EC reports imports to ...
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