Paraguay: Record exports drive the continuity of rice projects in 2024

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Published Feb 6, 2024

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Paraguayan rice exports experienced a robust year in 2023, significantly contributing to the growth of companies in the sector. Agriplus S.A. reported that the sector had a positive year due to the volume of exports, record value, and favorable average price. Data from Caparroz revealed that 1,211,000 tons of husk rice were exported, generating USD 405 million. The majority of the rice was exported to Brazil (82%), followed by Chile (12%), with the remaining exports going to Central America and Asia.
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Franco said that, in general terms, the good export year of Paraguayan rice in 2023 has been fundamental support for all companies to continue with their growth projects. There are still historical prices within the global context and everything indicates that 2024 will continue in the same way. In Nación Productiva the director of Agriplus S.A. He highlighted that 2023 was a positive year for the sector and was based on exported volume, record value and the good average price recorded. In that sense, he indicated that, according to data from Caparroz, that in the last year 1,211,000 tons of husk rice were exported and USD 405 million were generated in shipments. Likewise, he highlighted that the prices achieved had not been seen since 2008. At the same time, he ...
Source: Productivacm
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