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USA: Hay and pasture land losses could hit $100 million

Updated Aug 30, 2022
The economic impact of the summer-long drought could approach $100 million in losses when it comes to hay and pasture field forage losses, according to a report by the Fryar Risk Management Center of Excellence. At least 20 counties in the state have been designated as disaster areas due to drought, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
About 75% of hay and other pasture fields in Arkansas are deemed in poor or very poor condition, the USDA’s Crop Progress report in August indicated. Arkansas livestock farmers use pasture lands to feed their animals during the spring, summer and fall. Many cut hay to feed their livestock during the winter. “Based on the 2017 U.S. Agriculture Census, Arkansas has 3.189 million acres of permanent pasture land. Assuming changes in acreage between 2017 and 2022 are negligible, 3.189 million acres is the basis for valuing forage production intended for grazing. The 2022 USDARMA county base value of forage production for grazing is $54.51/acre in Arkansas. This implies the total value of grazing acreage in Arkansas is $174 million,” the Fryar report states. There are an estimated 1.18 million hay acres in the state. An acre produces about two tons of hay and it sells for $153 per ton. This means Arkansas has a total hay value of $365 million, the report states. “Drought impacts hay ...
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