Moroccan blueberries sweep Southeast Asian markets

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Published Jan 21, 2024

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In 2023, Morocco significantly increased its exports of blueberries to Southeast Asia, reaching a record of 1.4 thousand tons, a 50% increase compared to the previous year. Morocco expanded its presence in Asian markets, particularly in countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, which accounted for 96% of its total supply in the region. In addition to Southeast Asia, Moroccan blueberry exports also saw a substantial increase in other markets, such as Thailand, where shipments nearly tripled to 30 tons.
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AHDATH.INFO Morocco strengthened its position in the cranberry market in Southeast Asia in 2023, according to data published by the Eastfruit platform, as its exports of blueberries reached Southeast Asian countries by the year 2023, breaking a new record of 1.4 thousand tons, an increase A rate of 50 percent compared to the year 2022. According to the platform specialized in agricultural products news, Morocco has increased the number of Asian countries to which it exports its blueberry products. Last year, Morocco entered a number of experimental markets, such as the country of Indonesia, where it sent a trial shipment of 720. The main destinations for Moroccan berries in the region included Hong ...
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