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Published Mar 21, 2024

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The frozen fruit market is experiencing various trends, with Egypt dominating the frozen strawberry market due to the devaluation of its currency. China's strawberries are more expensive due to logistics costs. The frozen raspberry market is growing steadily, with high-quality products selling for 2.50-2.70 euros per kg in the EU, and China's raspberries are priced even higher. The frozen blackberry market is facing a shortage of high-quality products, with China's offerings priced over $2.0 per kg and quality issues causing price increases in Serbia's blackberries.
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Garden strawberries The market for frozen strawberries continues to be dominated by products from Egypt. Everyone asks about European strawberries, hinting at a willingness to pay more. However, there is no specific price. And Egyptian berries continue to be sold inexpensively. Moreover, the recent sharp devaluation of the Egyptian currency leaves no chance for price increases in this category, EastFruit analysts say. China is also trying to offer its berries, but they are too expensive, especially considering the logistics situation - FOB China from $1.1 to $1.3 per kg. Lower quality categories sell for up to $0.8. Raspberries The frozen raspberry market continues its steady upward movement. Today, if you have quality products, you can sell them in the EU for 2.50-2.70 euros per kg. But sporos are also available for raspberries of lower quality, at lower prices. We had material on raspberry quality categories, read here. China is actively offering raspberries for export at prices ...
Source: Eastfruit
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