Revision of the Enforcement Rules of the Livestock Contagious Disease Prevention Act: Strengthening quarantine standards for poultry facilities in South Korea

Updated Apr 18, 2023
In order to prevent and prevent the spread of livestock infectious diseases such as highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI), facility standards for other poultry such as quail and turkey will be strengthened, and tunnel-type disinfection facilities will be mandated in large-scale laying hens farms. In addition, it is mandatory to register livestock vehicles for privately owned cars by farm owners.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced on the 18th that it would revise and promulgate the Enforcement Rules of the Livestock Contagious Disease Prevention Act containing these contents. The amendment was prepared after extensive discussions with livestock organizations and experts after analyzing the vulnerable factors in quarantine derived from epidemiological investigations. First of all, the standards for disinfection facilities and quarantine facilities, which were applied only to farms raising laying hens, broilers, and ducks, will be expanded to other poultry farms, such as quail, turkeys, geese, ostriches, pheasants, and wild geese. This is a measure in response to the indication that there is a considerable risk of transmission of highly pathogenic AI to other poultry, such as a total of 28 cases of highly pathogenic AI in other poultry, such as quail and turkey, since 2006. Accordingly, other poultry farms must also install disinfection facilities ...
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