Rice/Irga: Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil sowed an area 7.17% larger in 2023/24, with 900,203 hectares

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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The 2023/24 rice harvest in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, saw a 7.17% increase in cultivation, with a total of 900,203 hectares sowed, up from 839,972 hectares in the previous harvest. This data was shared by the Rio-Grandense Rice Institute (Irga) at the 34th Official Opening of the Rice and Grains Harvest in Lowlands. The most popular cultivars were Irga 424 RI and Irga 431 CL, which made up 65.21% of the total.
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São Paulo, 02/21/2024 - Rio Grande do Sul sowed 900,203 hectares with rice in the 2023/24 harvest, an increase of 7.17% compared to the 839,972 hectares of the last harvest. The Western Frontier sowed 263,903 hectares; the South Zone of Rio Grande do Sul, 154,318 hectares; the Campaign, 130,950 hectares; the Inner Coastal Plain, 132,919 hectares; the Central area, 118,107 hectares and the Outer Coastal Plain, 100,003 hectares. The information comes from the Rio-Grandense Rice Institute (Irga), linked to the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Sustainable Production and Irrigation in Rio Grande do Sul (Seapi) and was presented during the 34th Official Opening of the Rice and Grains Harvest in Lowlands, in Capão do Leão (RS). ...
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