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Published Apr 17, 2024

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The Romanian agricultural cooperative Argedava Novaci is set to invest 8 million euros in new onion storage and drying facilities to address the seasonal price fluctuations caused by overproduction and scarcity. With Romania only producing 30% to 40% of the onions it consumes and relying heavily on imports, especially from the Netherlands, due to a lack of adequate storage solutions, this investment aims to significantly reduce the country's dependency on imported onions. Annually, Romania imports over 80 tons of onions and faces substantial market supply losses because of insufficient storage capabilities. Argedava Novaci's initiative could be a pivotal step towards achieving self-sufficiency in onion production by improving domestic storage and drying facilities.
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The Romanian agricultural cooperative Argedava Novaci, cultivating around 800 hectares of land in several counties around the country's capital, Bucharest, plans to invest 8 million euros in onion storage and drying facilities to take advantage of the price difference between the period of overproduction and spring, when Romania imports it from the Netherlands, reported the local electronic publication Ziarul Financiar. "Currently, Romania produces between 30% and 40% of the onions consumed. The biggest problem is that we do not have drying and storage facilities because the vegetable needs several ventilation chambers for storage. However, they are expensive", explained Ionuc Vokin, chairman of the cooperative and executive director of the company Oxigen Agro Product, which is part of Argedava Novaci. The latest available data indicate that Romania imports more than 80 tons of onions from the Netherlands and other European Union countries every year, and currently an average of ...
Source: Sinor
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