Russian bakers are looking for a replacement for Czech poppy

Poppy Seed
Published Feb 16, 2023

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Russian bakers have found alternative channels for the supply of poppy seeds from the Czech Republic. The first enterprise for the production of edible poppy has also appeared in Russia, and there is an opportunity to increase imports from other countries. So rolls and buns with poppy seeds will not disappear from store shelves.

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Now the situation with the supply of imported food poppy has stabilized: Czech poppy is imported through third countries. But due to the rise in the cost of logistics, poppy rose in price by 38% over the year, Alexei Lyalin, president of the Union of Bakers, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta. According to him, now bakers are increasing their purchases of food poppy in Turkey and are looking towards Uzbekistan. But there is a problem with the Uzbek poppy. Poppy contains alkaloids. In the Czech Republic, they are removed almost completely. But in Uzbekistan, such processing is not carried out. Lyalin says that a few years ago they even opened criminal cases against bakers because they found illegal substances in poppy seeds for buns. Russia, along with India, Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary, is among the leaders in the consumption of products with poppy seeds. It is traditionally used in our country as a filling in rolls and buns, they are sprinkled with bagels and wickerwork. Poppy ...
Source: RG
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