Italy: Sardinian shepherds blocked by processes and bureaucracy threaten to take to the streets again

Published May 17, 2021

Tridge summary

It is forbidden to protest against those who starve farmers and ranchers. This is the 'juice' that is derived from what is happening in these days in Sardinia where many shepherds are in great difficulty and threaten new street protests. No, this time it is not a question of low sheep milk prices, but it is the Italian Justice that is presenting him with the bill of protests two years ago.

Original content

Two years ago it happened that the price of sheep's milk had plummeted, if we remember correctly, to just over € 0.50 per liter. We recall that Sardinia is the first Italian region for sheep's milk production. Sheep farms in Sardinia are part of history. For the record, the famous Pecorino Romano is produced, in large part, with the milk of Sardinian sheep. What happened two years ago? The usual story: a country has arrived - Romania - which, thanks to low production costs (labor costs in the head), has put sheep's milk on the market at very competitive prices. Result: the cost of sheep's milk produced in Sardinia has gone down. Hence the protests of Sardinian shepherds. Massive protests, those of two years ago. And many pastors have been denounced. You will say: so what? And then the problems are coming these days. Premise that we do not know how this story ended. We know that in March 2019, after the protests, an agreement was reached; but we don't know what the situation is ...
Source: Inuovivespri
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