Brazil: Santa Catarin records drop in corn production and record in pig farming

Maize (Corn)
Published Jan 26, 2024

Tridge summary

The 2023/2024 corn production estimate in Santa Catarina has been reduced due to a decrease in cultivation area, potentially increasing meat production costs. Despite this, the state saw a record in pig production in 2023, with a 9.3% increase in pork exports. Paddy rice prices continue to rise due to lower national production and stocks. Meanwhile, despite adverse weather conditions affecting plant development, the average monthly price for carioca and black beans increased by 26.04% and 24.60% respectively in December. However, the annual variation saw a 24.23% decrease for carioca beans and a 30.33% increase for black beans.
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Original content

The corn production estimate for the 2023/2024 harvest was reduced in the January edition of the Agricultural Bulletin. On the other hand, the same newsletter presented a survey of pig production in Santa Catarina during the year 2023, which was a record. The two production chains are interconnected, as the decrease in corn supply tends to increase meat production costs. The production estimate for the 2023/2024 corn harvest was revised downwards due to the reduction in the cultivation area. According to the Socioeconomics and Rural Development analyst at the Center for Socioeconomics and Agricultural Planning (Epagri/Cepa), Haroldo Elias, data for the month of December indicate a reduction of approximately 6.7% in total state production, compared to the harvest. 2022/2023. The Agricultural Bulletin is a monthly publication from the Center for Socioeconomics and Agricultural Planning (Epagri/Cepa) available on the websites of Epagri, the Observatório Agro Catarinense and the State ...
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