Taiwan: Milkfish season report price pullback

Frozen Milkfish
Published Sep 7, 2022

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Milkfish has recently become the protagonist of the topic. With the advent of the production season, the price of milkfish has been reversed, and the price of the pond side has dropped to 56 and 57 yuan per kilogram, which is about 10 yuan lower than that in June. Not only the farming with stable production Fish, Taiwan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, and there are also a variety of coastal fisheries.

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Seafood is easy to obtain. Stir-fried seafood, seafood porridge, seafood noodles, clam noodles, oyster soup and oyster fried are all common foods, old shops and stalls all over the place. Each also has its own characteristics. Milkfish has been shipped smoothly this year, and the price is very good. In June, the price per catty of the pond side came to 68 yuan. The fry stocked around Qingming in April could be harvested in September. The increase in output caused the pond side price to fall back. Yang Zhiying, director-general of the Kaohsiung District Farmers' Association, said that the current price of milkfish in the pond is about 57 yuan per catty, down 16% from June. In the future, there will be more production and the price will be more flat, but this year's feed has increased twice. , coupled with the increase in the wages of fishermen, raising the cost of feeding, although the price is good, the profit of fishermen is still limited. Since grouper is banned from sale in ...
Source: Agriharvest
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