Second cleaning and disinfection mandatory for poultry transport from the Czech Republic

Published Feb 23, 2024

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The Netherlands has introduced a second cleaning and disinfection requirement for vehicles transporting poultry from the Czech Republic, due to recent bird flu outbreaks. This measure, which already applies to twelve other European countries and all non-EU countries, requires transporters to provide proof of the second cleaning and disinfection to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority within 24 hours of entry. The bird flu has caused significant outbreaks in several European countries, particularly in Poland and Hungary.
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After unloading a means of transport, an initial cleaning and disinfection takes place on site. After this, the vehicles must immediately be taken to an approved R&D location for a second cleaning and disinfection. This obligation has already applied for twelve other European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden. This also applies to all means of transport returning from countries outside the European Union. After the second cleaning and disinfection, the transporter has the certificate completed and signed by the supervisor of the R&D site, the slaughterhouse or the hatchery. The carrier then sends proof of the second cleaning and disinfection, within 24 hours of entry into the Netherlands, to the central reporting point of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Five bird flu outbreaks Five outbreaks of highly pathogenic bird flu were detected in the Czech Republic between January 30 ...
Source: Nieuwe Oogst
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