Serious problem in peach cultivation in Greece, further research must be done

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Published Apr 16, 2024

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Peach growers in Pella, Greece, are grappling with a severe crisis as an unidentified disease, first detected in 2021, wreaks havoc on their crops by deforming fruits across all peach varieties. This rapidly spreading affliction has affected a vast area, including several villages, by 2023. Efforts to pinpoint the cause, suspected to be viral, are underway, involving collaboration between the PE of Pella's department of quality and phytosanitary control, the Benakeio Phytopathological Institute, and agronomists. The disease has rendered the fruits unmarketable, posing a significant threat to the future of Greek peach farming unless a remedy is found soon.
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Is there a chance that the cultivation of the peach tree in Greece will disappear immediately? There is great concern among peach growers in Pella due to the deformation of the fruit, the cause of which no one yet knows. So far, it appears that all varieties of industrial peach are affected, and it has also been detected in table varieties. The department of quality and phytosanitary control of the PE of Pella has a collaboration with the Benakeio Phytopathological Institute and the controls continue, in order to establish the cause that causes the disease. Of course, individual deformed fruits in other estates and other regions should not be confused with this unknown disease. Many times deformed fruits appear from entomological attacks or from poor fertilization at flowering. As Mr. Savvas Pastopoulos, an agronomist from the Neo Mylotopo of Giannitsa, emphasizes to AgroTypos, "the problem started in 2021 but expanded rapidly this year. The result is that the fruits are ...
Source: Agrotypos
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