Shell fruit in Italy is worth 300 million

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Published Jan 23, 2024

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Italy's national agricultural production of nuts, primarily hazelnuts and almonds, is valued at approximately 300 million euros. However, this only partially satisfies the demand of the Italian agri-food industry, resulting in a trade deficit of 600 to 800 million euros. This deficit suggests potential for expanding nut cultivation in Italy, which could diversify product offerings and decrease import reliance. Despite challenges like climate uncertainty and pest infestations, consumer interest in nuts is on the rise, with a 3.4% increase in packaged nut purchases in 2023.
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The national agricultural production of nuts is worth around 300 million euros. In terms of quantity, production varies between 200 and 300 thousand tons. The hectares invested are approximately 200 thousand, with hazelnut and almond trees accounting for the majority of the surfaces, 50% and 25% respectively. Nuts are a basic ingredient of many typical national agri-food products (spreads, basil pesto, dragees, traditional desserts, products from the confectionery industry, snacks and baked goods, etc.). The raw material requirement of the Italian agri-food industry is huge and Italian production is sufficient to only partially cover this requirement and consequently imports are essential to guarantee the full operation of Italian industries. As a consequence of this, there is a strong deficit in the agri-food balance of nuts in Italy: in recent years the deficit has fluctuated between 600 and 800 million euros. The deficit in the trade balance constitutes an opportunity for the ...
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