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Argentina: The state of shrimp markets and internal problems

Updated Jul 11, 2022
The international panorama is not auspicious and the economic situation within borders is pressing. Drop in price, profitability and demand for whole shrimp. In the queues, they work at cost in the broken ones and there are only profits in the healthy ones. Supply control is presented as a key tool in a market with recession forecast.
The shrimp market is basically divided into two products: whole shrimp, which is not working well, and tails for reprocessing, which is having a good time. Recession forecasts in the northern hemisphere could complicate things even more for some and reduce profitability for others; however, it is not what most worries fishery exporters. The dire domestic economic situation, with very high levels of inflation, an exchange rate gap that reduces profits and a clamp on imports that increases costs are its main problems. The exporters of the sector agree that this economic matrix is unfeasible and the confirmation of the continuity of the economic plan, formulated by the Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis, deepens the uncertainty and uneasiness. “Inflation in the country with the exchange delay has been killing us, last year 30 points were lost and that has a great impact on the cost structure. This year, it devalued a bit but inflation is much faster; so I calculate we are going to ...
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