Slight increases in the global price of feed and malting barley

Published Mar 21, 2024

Tridge summary

The global barley market is experiencing rising prices, particularly in Europe, despite a sluggish recovery and lower global harvest. Factors such as China's entry into the forage market, winter crop conditions in Europe, and expected lower production are causing moderate optimism. However, high production of other grains like wheat and corn are putting downward pressure on prices. Meanwhile, the Secretariat of Agr. Gan and Pesca de la Nación has reported the Official FOB values for the 2024/25 campaign, with brewing barley at 285 usd/tn, forage barley at 210 usd/tn, barley malt at 630 usd/tn, wheat bread at 220 usd/ton, and corn at 193 usd/tn.
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Original content

(NAP) The international market for forage and malting barley has shown in recent days a trend towards rising prices, especially in Europe, which generate optimism after a long time of declining values. However, the world barley market remains sluggish, with no immediate signs of recovery, despite the fact that the available global harvest is almost 10 million tons lower than the previous one, one of the lowest in the last decade. The reduction in demand and trade generated a comfortable balance, according to the latest work by the consulting firm Cebada Cervecera. However, the appearance of China in the forage market, the conditions of winter crops in Europe, the difficulties of sowing spring barley on that continent, and an expectation of lower production in the next campaign generate moderate optimism in the feedlot market. On the other hand, important productions of other grains such as wheat and corn will continue to put downward pressure on prices. In its latest report, the ...
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