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Mexico: San Luis Río Colorado is positioned as a world producer of dates

Updated Mar 28, 2022
VICTOR FELIX. SAN LUIS TRIBUNE. The United Arab Emirates recognized this region as the main source of the fruit throughout the world. The United Arab Emirates recognized San Luis Río Colorado as one of the main date producers worldwide, this, within the 7th. Annual Date Palm Conference held in that Middle Eastern country.
The representative of Mexico in that event, Ricardo Salomón Torres, who is also a researcher at the State University of Sonora (UES), reported that being in this event is a strong responsibility, while it means an honor and recognition of the largest producer of dates in the world. "For the Arab countries, the date represents a lot in their culture in many ways, but they realized that high-quality Medjool dates are produced in Mexico, in fact it is the third largest producer in the world." He stated that, in the Congress, a complete space was opened to talk about the works on Medjool dates, for which researchers who deal with this variety from countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Spain, Jordan, the United States and Mexico were invited. He also said that Mexico had never participated in the event, because they had never been invited and now the organizing committee was instructed to include them. He commented that this Congress deals with most of the topics such as ...
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