Ukraine: How berry prices in stores changed per hour

Updated Jul 21, 2023
In an hour, the price of some berries in Ukraine has increased several times. The agricultural market does not predict a deficit, but prices for such goods will not be low, reports based on the results of the price analysis in stores. Cherries traveled the most in an hour - in supermarkets, the berry costs about UAH 227/kg in July, which is 226% more than at this time in 2022 (UAH 69). Cherry prices in Ukraine have started to rise The price of packaged cranberries increased by 73%, up to UAH 121.50 per 350 g. The following berries also increased: strawberries – UAH 129 per 125 g (by 34%), strawberries – UAH 194 per 1 kg (by 62%), black currants – UAH 179/kg (by 12%), gooseberries – UAH 97 per 500 g (by 4%). At the same time, there are berries that, on the contrary, have become cheaper this year. For example, raspberries now cost 67% less than in July ...
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