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South African mango harvest is 15% lower

Zuid-Afrikaanse mango-oogst valt 15% lager uit
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Fresh Mango
South Africa
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Nov 12, 2021
From AGF
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Recent good rainfall in Limpopo province has been beneficial for mangoes, although some orchards have suffered some wind damage. "The prospects for the mango season vary quite a bit by growing area and it is therefore difficult to make a good estimate at this stage," explains Derek Donkin of Subtrop, the trade association for the mango, lychee and avocado sector.
The main harvest will not start until December, but the first Tommy Atkins mangoes are already on the market. "I expect the commercial mango harvest to be about 15% lower than last year," said Piet Buys, president of the South African Mango Growers organization. "For informal growers, who do not have irrigation, the harvest drop could be as much as 20%." Last year the mango harvest amounted to 75,000 tons. "It's a strange year for mangoes," notes Pieter. "The flowering was uneven and lasted longer, resulting in irregular pollination. As a result, both large and small mangoes are now hanging on the trees. This ...
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