Brazil: Soy devaluation is big in the Midwest

Updated Mar 1, 2023
The soybean market in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul saw general devaluations of R$ 3.00/bag in prices, according to information released by TF Agroeconomia. “Mato Grosso do Sul sees general decreases of R$ 3.00/sack present throughout the State, this, the ideas for sales start to come out with greater frequency are proving increasingly impossible to beat. After reductions of R$ 3.00/bag - in Dourados, prices were quoted at R$ 152.00, in Maracaju at R$ 151.00, in Sidrolândia at R$ 150.00, in Campo Grande at R$ 152. .00 and in Chapadão do Sul at R$ 149.00”, he comments.
Mato Grosso had general declines of up to 3.50/sack, with good advances in the harvest. “Like what was seen in the other regions, general and deep lows, the soybean crop is already approaching 90% harvested. All regions recorded expressive decreases, with that, Campo Verde at R$ 148.00 after a loss of R$ 3.00/sack. Lucas do Rio Verde at R$145.00, after also losing R$3.00/sack. Nova Mutum at R$ 146.00, also losing R$ 3.00/sack. Primavera do Leste at R$ 148.00, with the same loss. Rondonópolis at R$ 148.50 after a reduction of R$ 3.00/sack and Sorriso at R$ 145.00, losing R$ 3.50/sack”, he adds. Further up, in Matopiba, a day of losses of up to R$ 3.00/sack was seen. “In Balsas, Maranhão, prices closed at R$ 148.00 after a drop of R$ 3.00/sack. In Porto Franco-MA, the price fell by the same amount and reached R$ 150.00. In Pedro ...
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