Spain was filled with Egyptian oranges, Spanish ones remain unclaimed

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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Spanish citrus producers are facing a 'trade freeze' due to a surge in orange imports, primarily from Egypt, leading to an oversupply and a drop in producer prices. The situation, which has seen prices fall below production costs, has been criticized by Ignacio Fernández de Mesa, president of the Association of Young Farmers (Asaja) of Córdoba. He points out that Egypt has lower production costs and less stringent environmental regulations. Data reveals that orange imports from Egypt in January 2024 increased by 104% compared to the same month in 2023.
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Anger prevails in the ranks of Spanish citrus producers because the increased imports of oranges, mainly from Egypt, have resulted in a virtual "trade freeze" for Spanish oranges in their country. Increased imports of oranges from third countries have brought an increase in supply and a decrease in demand, with the result that producer prices are at such low levels that they do not cover production costs. The president of the Association of Young Farmers (Asaja) of Córdoba, Ignacio Fernández de Mesa, lamented “the lack of demand for oranges from his province due to imports from third countries, which causes stagnation in the market. The reason for the low demand is that many oranges come from countries outside the European Union, mainly from Egypt. This results in prices falling for Spanish oranges to levels that do not even cover production costs. On the contrary, Egypt benefits from reduced production costs and has a competitive advantage, since it has lower labor costs and ...
Source: Agrotypos
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