Spinach favorite vegetable, watercress least liked in the Netherlands

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Published Oct 13, 2023

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A survey in the Netherlands found that while the majority of people like vegetables, almost one-third of them admit to not eating enough. The top 10 favorite vegetables among the Dutch population are spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, asparagus, bell pepper, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, chicory, kale, and tomatoes. To encourage people to eat more vegetables, suggestions include making them easily accessible, incorporating them into all meals, preparing them in different ways, trying new types of vegetables, and focusing on seasonal options.
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The majority of the Netherlands likes vegetables (90%), but almost 1 in 3 admits to eating too few vegetables (31%). This is evident from a survey by Green Chef meal box among 1050 Dutch people. The research also found out what the most and least liked vegetables are. The top 10 favorite vegetables are as follows: 1. Spinach 2. Cauliflower 3. Mushrooms 4. Asparagus 5. Bell pepper 6. Brussels sprouts 7. Broccoli 8. Chicory 9. Kale 10. Tomatoes Vegetables that are less popular are kohlrabi, celery and, last but not least, watercress. There is still room for improvement. 42 percent of Dutch people indicate that they want to eat more vegetables, but this is often not possible. More attention should also be paid to eating fruit, because less than half of Dutch people (44%) say they eat the recommended advice from the Nutrition Center of two pieces of fruit per day. Dietitian Maartje Boot from Green Chef shares some tips for eating more vegetables. 1. Make vegetables easily accessible: ...
Source: AGF
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