State of the global market as of week 9

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Published Mar 4, 2024

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The fruit market is experiencing stable blueberry prices and an increased supply of Chilean plums in China. There is also an active movement of imported grapes, primarily from Peru, and a steady flow of Chilean nectarines and peaches in Latin America, although the quality of peaches has declined, resulting in lower prices. The new season of Peruvian avocados is starting to emerge in the European market. However, apple volumes in Europe are lower than last season's stocks, and the Chinese markets are experiencing a lull in imported pear activity.
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Comments Week 09 - 2024 Blueberries: Prices are perceived as more stable compared to previous weeks, although they are mostly below the previous campaign. Chilean arrivals down. Plums: Increase in the supply of Chilean plums in Chinese markets. Meanwhile, shipments from Chile remain below what they did last season. Table grapes: The markets remain with an active movement of imported grapes, with Peru leading the supply. Regarding contributions, lower values are recorded than the previous year. Peaches: There is a good flow of Chilean nectarines and peaches in Latin America, but a reduction in the quality and condition of inventories forces prices to decrease to encourage movement. Avocado: New season of Peruvian avocados are beginning to be seen in the European market. Apples: Volumes offered in Europe consist entirely of local apples, which are lower than the stocks of the last campaign on the same date. Pears: Chinese markets remain without major activity in imported pears. ...
Source: MXfruit
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