Super Peso, livestock exports, interest rates, and inflation in Mexico; the first part of the interview with Pablo Sherwell from Rabobank

Updated Sep 5, 2023
Mexico has lost competitiveness in its meat exports, specifically beef and pork; Until the month of July, according to what the Agricultural Market Consulting Group (GCMA) reported, shipments of these proteins have contracted by 12.3% versus the same period in 2022, this in addition to talking about less tonnage (310,866 t.) as well. impacts billing, an item dictated by the Super Peso. To understand the issue, at PORCICULTURA.COM / GANADERIA.COM / AVICULTURA MX we spoke with Pablo Sherwell, leader of Search and Development Data Analysis in North America for Rabobank, who detailed that the rise in the value of the Mexican peso of up to 20% has caused Mexican meat protein to lose presence abroad. According to what was discussed with the director for our region of the financial entity of the Netherlands, the issue of the appreciation of the peso against the dollar is due to the increase in interest rates dictated by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), this as a measure to fight inflation ...
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