Sweet potatoes: World trade is no longer growing, but Dutch imports and exports are still growing strongly

Sweet Potato
Published Dec 14, 2022

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The world trade in sweet potatoes has been stable to declining for a number of years. This applies to exports from the United States as well as from other countries. However, it certainly does not apply to the import (and re-export) of the Netherlands. It just keeps growing. In the past year, almost 180,000 tons were imported into the Netherlands. This made the Netherlands by far the most important import country worldwide. In 2017, the 100,000 ton mark was passed for the first time.

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The Netherlands is important for importing sweet potatoes into the European market. The vast majority of imports, 150,000 tonnes last year, were destined for re-export. World trade consists almost exclusively of fresh products. In addition, frozen sweet potatoes are still traded. China is the most important supplier of this product internationally. The United States still dominant, but exports fallingOn the list of export countries, the Netherlands comes in second place after the United States. The United States is by far the most important exporter of sweet potatoes. US exports peaked in 2018 at nearly 300,000 tons. That amount was never reached after that. In the past year, the United States exported 268,000 tons. In the first four months of this year, exports fell again considerably (-16%). Egypt is now also a major exporter of sweet potatoes. It is estimated that Egypt now exports around 110,000 tons annually. Other exporters are: Spain, Canada, Vietnam, Laos, Honduras, China, ...
Source: AGF
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