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Hungary: The 2022 walnut harvest exceeded 15,000 tons

Updated Feb 17, 2023
In Hungary, according to experts, the walnut harvest in 2022 could exceed 15,000 tons, which represents a 140 percent increase compared to the average of the past five years, writes the Agrárközgazdasági Intézet (AKI). According to KSH data, the foreign trade balance of shelled nuts in Hungary is positive, despite the fact that shelled nut exports have decreased significantly in recent years.
The volume of walnut exports decreased to 461.9 tons (-3 percent), and the value increased to HUF 488.8 million (+11 percent) between January and November 2022 compared to the same period of the previous year. Shipments were primarily directed to Germany (294.8 thousand tons, -9 percent). The import was not significant, 58.3 tons at the same time. As of 2019, the foreign trade balance of the nut gut changed to negative. Between January and November 2022, the amount of imports decreased to 1.04 thousand tons (-1 percent), and the value increased to HUF 2.03 billion (+24 percent) in one year. Almost 60 percent of the walnut casings came from Ukraine (–20 percent). The volume of Hungarian nut gut exports increased to 270.5 tons (+6 percent) and to HUF 620.7 million (+26 percent) in value during the observed period. On the Budapest Wholesale Market, domestic walnut kernels harvested in 2022 were sold at a 5 percent lower price ...
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