The 2024 EU cereal harvest could be about 4 million tons higher than that of 2023 according to traders

Sunflower Seed
Published Mar 21, 2024

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The EU grain traders' organization, COCERAL, has predicted a total grain harvest in the EU-27+UK of 295.5 Mt, a slight decrease from the previous forecast of 296.5 Mt but an increase from 2023's 292.4 Mt. The forecast includes wheat production of 134.1 Mt, barley production of 61.2 Mt, and a corn harvest of 64.3 Mt. The rapeseed harvest is expected to decrease to 20.2 Mt from 21.3 Mt last year, while sunflower production is predicted to remain steady at 10.6 Mt. Spain is anticipated to see significant increases in production across all crops.
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COCERAL, an organization representing EU grain traders, estimates that the total grain harvest in the EU-27+UK will be 295.5 Mt, slightly lower than the previous forecast of 296.5 Mt and higher than the 292.4 Mt harvested in 2023. Wheat production (excluding durum) is expected to reach 134.1 Mt, up from 139.4 Mt in the December forecast and down from 140.0 Mt last year. Record rainfall at the end of last year considerably affected the sowing of winter cereals (wheat/winter barley) in northwest Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Baltics, Poland), while production in Spain will increase substantially with respect to 2023 up to 5.45 Mt compared to 3.22 Mt in the previous campaign. EU-27+UK barley production in 2024 is now forecast at 61.2 Mt, up from 58.6 Mt previously forecast and 55.7 Mt harvested in 2023. Denmark, Finland and Spain will have better barley crops than in 2023. In Spain, 7.97 Mt are expected compared to 3.8 Mt in 2023. The EU-27 corn harvest now stands at 64.3 ...
Source: Agrodigital
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