The area under grain leguminous crops in Belarus is planned to increase next year to 240 thousand hectares

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Published Nov 15, 2023

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Belarus plans to increase the area of grain leguminous crops to 240 thousand hectares next year, according to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Vladimir Grakun. Grakun urged agricultural organizations to focus on traditional leguminous crops such as lupine, peas, and vetch to provide protein for livestock. The country aims to eventually reach 350 thousand hectares of these crops, allowing for the collection of at least 1 million tons of legume grain.
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“This year we received 12 thousand tons of soybeans. This crop grows here, but not every year we can get a stable harvest. In this regard, we urge agricultural organizations to pay attention to traditional leguminous crops - lupine, peas, vetch. These crops can provide our public livestock with protein,” said the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food. Vladimir Grakun emphasized that the country is implementing a program according to which the area under these leguminous crops will increase next year to 240 thousand hectares. “In another year, we will increase the area to the planned 350 thousand hectares. This will allow us to collect at least 1 million tons of ...
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