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Hungary: The corn harvest is coming to an end in Zala County as well

Updated Nov 17, 2022
The harvest in Zala county is weaker than last year. Due to the autumn rains, the harvest was delayed, so the farmers proceeded more slowly with the sowing. Almost 90 percent of the corn was harvested in Zala county, the average yield per hectare is 7.3 tons, said Krisztián Sabján, the county president of the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy (NAK). Last year, an average of 8.4 tons of corn was produced per hectare, but this year, due to the summer drought, they were able to harvest less.
Over 3,000 hectares of the 27,207 hectares of corn fields were ensiled. Due to the rains, the harvest was delayed, so the farmers progressed more slowly with the autumn sowing. In the next period, wheat will be sown on 2-3 thousand hectares. Almost 60 percent of the 52,000 hectares of sowing area is winter wheat. The sowing area of autumn barley is 5,300 hectares, rye is 350 hectares, and triticale is grown on 1,330 hectares - the NAK county president explained the details. The 13,635-hectare rapeseed stock is developing well. The earlier sown autumn ears show a similar picture. Winter wheat, sown after soybeans and corn, started to emerge in the past few days. If the weather is favorable and farmers do not skimp on fertilizer due to high prices, they will probably be able to harvest a good crop next year, the president said. Zaol reported that Zala is one of the lucky counties, it was less affected by the drought, so there is at least something to harvest there. Agricultural ...
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