Spain: The detection of the false moth plague in Morocco puts the Valencian citrus sector on alert

Published Dec 14, 2023

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Morocco's detection of the false moth in a shipment of pomegranates is causing alarm in the Spanish citrus farming industry, as the pest has already caused devastating effects on the South African citrus industry. The false moth not only affects citrus production, but also other crops and tree species, leading to potential losses of 26% in citrus production. The Valencian Farmers Association is urging the European Union to investigate the situation and take measures to prevent the spread of the pest to Europe, highlighting the need for effective cold treatment for citrus imports from countries where the false moth is present.
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Morocco sets off another alarm in Spanish citrus farming. The plague of the false moth ('Taumatotobia leucoreta' by its technical name), one of the most devastating for various fruit and vegetable crops along with HLB or 'greening', has just been detected in a first interception carried out by Commission technicians Europe in a port of the old continent - not yet announced - in a shipment of pomegranates from the Alawite country. The false moth hits the South African citrus industry hard and has also been detected in Tunisia, Egypt and Israel The false moth catastrophically affects dozens of crops and tree species. Its entry and spread in the EU would cause average losses of 26% in citrus production, according to agricultural organizations. Likewise, it causes serious damage to other agricultural production such as stone fruits, apples, pears, avocados, vines, olives, persimmons, pomegranates, peppers, tomatoes or eggplants, as well as roses and oaks. Its high capacity for ...
Source: Levante-emv
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