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Turkey: The first potato harvest of the season has been made in Datça

Updated May 13, 2022
In the Datça district of MUĞLA, the first potato harvest of the season was held today with a delay of about one month this year due to cold weather and frost events. Datça District Governor Mesut Çoban, Muğla Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Barış Saylak, Datça Agriculture and Forestry District Manager Bülent Shatır, producers and citizens participated. This year, potatoes were planted on an area of 2 thousand decares in Datça.
Depending on the cold weather conditions in the winter months, the harvest is delayed for one month, and the yield is expected to be around 6 thousand tons due to a decrease of up to 40 percent. Finding buyers between 7 and 8 TL per kilogram in the field, the potato made the producer smile despite the low yield. In his speech at the potato harvesting event, Datça District Governor Mesut Çoban said that Datça is an agricultural district as well as tourism. Shepherd said, "We are also an agricultural district with early potatoes, late autumn tomatoes and delicious almond and honey production that cannot be found anywhere else. We had a difficult year in terms of climate this year. Despite this, our farmer made an effort and produced. As of this week, "I wish it to be fruitful," he said. Muğla Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Barış Saylak said in his speech that Datça has an important potential in agricultural production. Saylak said, "This year, we are harvesting ...
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