World: The frightening way climate change will affect beer

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Published Nov 14, 2023

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Climate change is affecting the production of hops and barley, key ingredients in beer, by impacting water access, weather patterns, and crop yields. The European hops industry is projected to decline by 4-18% by 2050, threatening beer production globally. Researchers are working on developing drought-tolerant varieties of hops and exploring the potential of winter barley, but the challenges posed by climate change are daunting and may require significant adaptations by farmers and brewers.
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A recent report via Sentinel, outlined how human-caused climate damage was impacting water access and weather patterns in the Willamette Valley. Gayle Goschie, a fourth generation hop farmer based about an hour outside Portland, Oregon, warned that climate change “was not coming any longer, it was here”. The Sentinel highlighted how climate change is anticipated to further the challenges that farmers and brewers are already seeing in two key beer crops: hops and barley. It outlined how some hops and barley growers across the US admit that they have already seen crops impacted by extreme heat, drought and unpredictable growing seasons. In a study from the Czech Academy of Sciences, researchers recently warned that, unless swift adaptations are developed, European hops will be increasingly difficult to grow due to climate change affecting yields and alpha acid content. Added to this, researchers are now working with growers to help counter the effects of more volatile weather with a ...
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