China: The General Administration of Customs updated the fruit access list, and these 6 fruits are included

Updated Sep 1, 2023
Recently, the General Administration of Customs has updated the "List of Fresh Fruit Types and Exporting Countries/Regions Accessed by my country's Inspection and Quarantine" on its official website, adding 5 fresh fruits from 5 countries. In addition, Taiwan's custard apples have also been allowed to resume imports to the mainland. . ​ Pakistani Cherry ​ In early November 2022, China and Pakistan signed a protocol on exporting cherries to China. According to the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement, qualified Pakistani cherries can enjoy zero tariffs when exported to China. However, it is difficult for Pakistani cherries to meet the cold treatment requirements in the protocol (0.56? C or below for 18 days, or 1.11°C or below for 20 days, or 1.67°C or below for 22 days), and there is also a lack of sufficient packaging plants and cold storage facilities locally. ​ In late July this year, the General Administration of Customs of China approved a total of 90 cherry orchards and ...
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