Russia: The growing trade turnover of fish products with China was promptly ensured by Rosrybolovstva certificates in Primorye in 2023

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Published Jan 25, 2024

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In 2023, the Primorsky territorial department of Rosrybolovstvo inspected 3,953 shipments of fish products, totaling 640.4 thousand tons, for export to China. This marked a 25.4% increase from the previous year. The exports included a variety of fish and seafood such as pink, chum, and sockeye salmon, gray urchin, different species of crab, pollock and its fillets, halibut, herring, salmon caviar, minced surimi, and Far Eastern sea cucumber. However, not all exported aquatic resources require IUU certification, only those specified in intergovernmental agreements between Russia and the importing countries.
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From January to December 2023, officials of the Primorsky territorial department of Rosrybolovstvo checked the legality of 3,953 shipments of fish products obtained in the Far East and intended for export to the People's Republic of China. For each batch, an INN certificate is issued, confirming the legality of origin. The total weight of fish products controlled and registered for export in 2023 amounted to 640.4 thousand tons. The increase compared to the same period in 2022, when 510.8 thousand tons were exported, was 25.4%. Such types of aquatic biological resources as pink salmon, chum salmon, sockeye salmon, gray urchin, about ten species of crab, pollock and its fillets, halibut, herring, salmon caviar, minced surimi and Far Eastern sea cucumber are subject to verification of the legality of origin and exported to China from Primorye. It should be noted that not all exported aquatic biological resources are subject to IUU certification, but only those species that are ...
Source: Fishretail
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