Poland: The history of grain imports from Ukraine, political attention recently

Updated Apr 5, 2023
It's good that the topic has gained nationwide coverage and is taken up by all the media, but the case has been known for over a year. And now on social media there is a so-called auction, who first took up the glove and dealt with this important, not only for farmers, but for all consumers, issue related to the market of agricultural raw materials and very extra tons of agricultural produce. First of all, corn, but also wheat and rape, and soon fruit, vegetables, honey, poultry and many other agricultural products. How to stop it by helping but not spoiling yourself? There should be transit from the beginning. Why isn't it? That's a good question. In this regard, I like the remark quoted by one young agricultural activist regarding the principle of lifeguard safety. So if we hurt ourselves and need help, then we will not help anyone. We must take care of our market first, so that we can heal others. This has a direct bearing on helping Ukraine at war, but this aid must not ...
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