The lemon campaign in Spain closes with 990,000 tons (-4%) but with prices above costs

Published Jun 22, 2022

Tridge summary

The lemon harvest in Spain has just ended with a "positive balance", after harvesting 990,000 tons, 4% less than in the previous campaign due to weather conditions during flowering, and with prices at origin "stable and higher than the production costs".

Original content

This was announced on Tuesday by sources from the Lemon and Grapefruit Interprofessional (Ailimpo), who highlighted the "great resilience" of this citrus fruit in a context of increased non-EU competition in the European market and rising inflation. They have detailed that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has affected the commercialization of the product, especially in Eastern and Central Europe, since Turkey has diverted volumes to both areas that it previously directed to the countries in conflict, seeking greater security in the Payments. They have assured that, however, "Ailimpo has lacked more external support", for the lemon campaign by failing to transfer the entire increase in costs to the sales market, not only for the fruit but also for energy, materials, packaging or transport, which has affected both production and harvesting and packing in the warehouse. Of the Spanish lemon production - which is grown mainly in the Region of Murcia, the Valencian Community and ...
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