The only frog farm in Ukraine operates in the Lviv region

Published Jan 15, 2022

Tridge summary

Edible frogs are cultivated on the snail farm "Tante Snails" in the village of Yablunivka, Busk district, Lviv region. The idea came from the local landscape and French cuisine: there was a place on the farm where water was collected, and something had to be done about it. This was reported by Agravery. The farm restaurant prepares French dishes, so there were not enough frogs to complete the culinary picture. So we decided to grow them ourselves.

Original content

"Now we are learning from our own experience how best to breed frogs, in Ukraine there is no place to learn this business. The experience of Thailand is not very suitable for us, because it is constantly warm, we have a different climate. In Soviet times, frogs were grown on an industrial scale in the south of Ukraine, Kharkiv and Zakarpattia, including for export, but we did not find this information, although we searched for it for a long time. No scientist has been found in the country to take care of this issue, ”said Andriy Dziuban, co-owner of Tante Snails. There are exporters of frog legs in Ukraine, but it is known that they supply the EU with the limbs of wild amphibians caught in the south of Odessa region, near Vilkovo. From the frog's body, only the paws are suitable for creating dishes: there is enough meat, the rest is used to make organic food. Yes, Tante Snails is the only frog farm in Ukraine. When the farm decided to cultivate frogs, a suitable species was found ...
Source: Agrobusiness
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