The Peruvian pomegranate does not stop growing

Fresh Pomegranate
Market & Price Trends
Published Feb 25, 2024

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Pomegranate exports in 2024 have seen a significant growth, with a 5% increase in the last week alone, making it 24% higher than the same period in 2023. The total exports for the year have reached 6,939 tons, marking an 89% increase from the previous year. The Netherlands, the UK, and the US are the top three destinations for these exports. 22 Peruvian companies, including Agroinca Productos Peruanos de Exportación S.A., Agrícola Pampa Baja S.A.C., and Pomica Perú S.A.C., have been the key players in this export growth.
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Original content

So far in 2024, fresh pomegranate shipments continue to grow. In this last week, shipments grew again by 5% compared to the previous week, reaching 1,970 tons, which was also 24% higher than the same week in 2023. With this, so far this year the pomegranate It has accumulated 6,939 tons, being 89% higher than last year. On the other hand, in this last week the product reached 13 destinations, 3 more than last year. Of all shipments, 74% went to the Netherlands (1,456 tons); 9%, to the United Kingdom (179 tons); and 6%, to the United States (121 tons). As for Peruvian exporters, last week 22 companies ...
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