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The Polish government agreed with farmers on measures against the surplus of Ukrainian grain

Updated Apr 1, 2023
The Ministry of Agriculture of Poland and the AgroUnion farmers' association signed a preliminary agreement on the introduction of restrictive measures on the import of Ukrainian grain. The Wprost publication writes about it. The agreement consists of 11 points and is intended to regulate the situation on the Polish agricultural market. According to the document, the Polish government undertook to restore duties and deposits for the transit of agricultural and food products from Ukraine to the level
of price equilibrium with prices on the Polish market. Also, Poland will launch the "Shield for agro-industry" program in the amount of at least 10 billion zlotys ($2.3 billion) to compensate for costs due to the crisis in the markets of grain, rape and agro-food products, caused by Russian aggression against Ukraine. Read also: Poland will limit the export of Ukrainian grain - Moravetskyi The parties agreed to use surplus grain and rapeseed for energy purposes. In this regard, amendments to the law on biofuels are expected to be adopted by the end of May. The government also undertook to make changes to the budget of the National Strategic Plan for 2023-2027, increasing the co-financing of farmers to the maximum level allowed by the European Commission. The sixth point of the agreement refers to transport subsidies to farmers and grain traders in the amount of 100-200 zlotys ($23-$46) for transporting one ton of wheat, corn and rapeseed to Baltic ports. This decision must be ...
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