The poor situation on the red onion market is causing customers to increasingly avoid the Netherlands

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Published Feb 28, 2024

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The European red onion season has been termed 'absurd' due to a decrease in planting and inconsistent quality leading to high prices, according to Carl van de Wiel from Agro Center Holland. This situation is unsustainable and is negatively affecting sales. High prices in the Netherlands are also being driven by speculation. Meanwhile, large quantities of imported onions from countries like Tasmania, Chile, Peru, Argentina, New Zealand, and Senegal are entering the market at lower prices, leading customers to seek alternatives. Many are placing orders with France for the upcoming season.
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( "Absurd." This is how Carl van de Wiel from Agro Center Holland describes the situation of the red onion season. "We already saw it coming. At the European level, fewer red onions were planted and the quality has not been uniform everywhere either. This has caused prices to reach exorbitant levels." However, this is not a cause for joy for the onion trading company, which has been a specialist in red onions since its foundation. "You can make some profit with the onions that are stored, but in the long term, it is not a sustainable situation. Right now there is a lot of resistance from customers and that is having a great impact on sales. Abroad, "red onions are offered at significantly lower prices. Some countries have simply stopped ordering them." A price of € 1.20 in the NetherlandsAccording to the trader, the fact that prices in the Netherlands remain high is due, above all, to the impact of speculation. "Last week, a price of €1.20 was set. By valuing their ...
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