The price map of olive oil in Europe: Why is it cheaper in Luxembourg than in Spain?

Olive Oil
Published Sep 16, 2023

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The price of olive oil in Spain has reached historical highs due to a combination of factors, including a significant drop in production caused by drought and increased expenses for farmers. This has led to the phenomenon of non-producing countries being able to sell Spanish olive oil for cheaper prices than in Spain itself. The situation has caused controversy and raised questions about whether Spain is purposely making its own olive oil more expensive for its own citizens.
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The controversy broke out in Ireland. A Spanish expatriate recorded a video in a Dublin supermarket showing that olive oil was cheaper there than on the shelves in Spain. From there, numerous videos were uploaded to networks from other parts of the continent that showed the same thing: bottles of Spanish extra virgin olive oil, in supermarkets in Belgium, England or Portugal, at a cheaper price than at its origin. Olive oil, the franchise player of the Mediterranean diet, is through the roof. Especially in Spain, the world's largest producer. A series of concatenated factors have taken it to historical highs. And in this chaos, it turns out that other non-producing countries can afford to sell it cheaper. It's not a hoax, it's data. But what are the reasons for this imbalance? El Periódico de España, from Prensa Ibérica, has prepared a report on the current price of 'liquid gold' throughout the Eurozone, as well as in the other neighboring countries where the most olive oil is ...
Source: Levante-emv
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