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The price of high-quality inshell walnuts on the Moldovan market will increase in the short term

Updated Dec 2, 2022
In the Moldovan market, for the third week of November, the purchasing wholesale prices for inshell walnuts do not change - an average of 28 lei/kg ($1.45 lei/kg). The situation differs from last year in the same period of the season, then in November the average price fluctuated with a greater amplitude - 25-28 lei/kg ($1.42-1.53/kg). However, operators of the local walnut market predict an increase in demand prices for high-quality in-shell nuts from farm gardens (not forest belts and alleys) as early as early December, EastFruit reports.
The reason for this assumption was the requests to the Union of Nut Producers Associations of Moldova from buyers from Austria and France for fairly large lots (hundreds of tons) of high quality nut kernels - light halves, untouched by diseases and not prone to mold. Some exporters of walnuts responded to this request and began to purchase quality inshell nuts from farmers at a relatively high price of 35 lei/kg ($1.8/kg) and more. Read also: In the next five years, USAID will invest $50 million to support the agricultural sector in Moldova Representatives of the industry union believe that the current “surge” in demand for ...
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