The program to stimulate the cultivation of peas is launched in the west of Ukraine

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Published Feb 9, 2024

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Western Container Terminal and EU-Nomia LTD have launched a program to promote yellow pea cultivation in Western Ukraine. The peas will be processed locally and exported to Asian countries. The companies will purchase the peas from farmers at a fixed price, offering a safety net against market fluctuations. This initiative is in response to the open markets in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the UAE, as large traders have redirected their goods to India due to its recent decision to allow duty-free import of peas.
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The Western Container Terminal company and the international trader EU-Nomia LTD are launching a program to stimulate the cultivation of yellow peas in Western Ukraine. The director of the "Western Container Terminal" Volodymyr Lopatynskyi and the director of EU-Nomia LTD Onur Vatan said this in a comment to According to the program, peas grown in Western Ukraine will be processed locally and then shipped by container trains through ports to the final consumer in Asian countries. The farmer undertakes to grow a certain amount of peas, in return the company must buy them back at a guaranteed price. "If the market goes down, we will buy peas at a guaranteed price and it will include the cost price and the minimum wage. If the price is higher, we will buy at the higher market price," Lopatynskyi said. According to him, the farmers of the western region do not need any financial assistance, but they cannot be sure of what they will earn by growing wheat or corn. As ...
Source: Superagronom
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