Ukraine: The quail population is the second largest among poultry

Quail Egg
Quail Meat
Published Feb 11, 2021

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About 10% of the total number of table eggs in the world are obtained from quails, and their meat accounts for 0.3% of world poultry production, writes the magazine "Our Poultry". The population of quails involved in the production of eggs and meat is about 11.8% of the total poultry population and is the second largest (after chickens) species. The advantages of quails are: precocity, good productive and reproductive qualities, short production cycle.

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Production of eggs and quail meat is considered one of the most promising areas of activity in the field of poultry for small and medium-sized businesses. Despite the competitive advantages, quail farming has developed rather slowly and unevenly over the last 20 years. Periods of ups and downs alternated with periods of stagnation or even recession. This fully applies to Ukraine as well. Quail for egg and meat production is well developed in all countries of East and Southeast Asia: China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Burma and others. However, real production figures are mostly unavailable. Thus, a significant number of small producers in the quail segment remain unaccounted for. In these countries, cooperation is usually practiced, ...
Source: Agroconf
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