Spain: The resilience of the lemon allows the 2021/22 campaign to end with a positive balance

Published Jun 22, 2022

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The European lemon grown in Spain has shown great resilience throughout the 2021/22 campaign, which has just ended. Neither the increased competition with extra-community lemons nor the strong inflation that is threatening Europe have been able to deal with this citrus fruit produced mainly in the fields of Murcia, Alicante and Andalusia, given that it has finished its harvest period with a "positive balance".

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This is confirmed by the Interprofessional Lemon and Grapefruit Association of Spain (AILIMPO), where they add that "taking into account a context as complex as the present, prices at origin have been stable and higher than production costs." And that the war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the marketing of the product, especially in Eastern and Central Europe, since Turkey has diverted volumes to both areas that it previously directed to the countries in conflict, seeking greater security in payments. However, AILIMPO has indeed lacked more external support, as it has not been able to transfer the increase in costs to the sales market, not only for the fruit but also for energy, materials, packaging, transport, etc. which has affected both production in the field and harvesting and preparation in warehouses. "We produce a sustainable product that fixes carbon, with a reduced water footprint, with the highest quality standards and with the ability to reach any supermarket ...
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