The risks of selling a record grain harvest are named: Farmers asked uncomfortable questions to the authorities in Russia

Published Nov 17, 2022

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Russia has set a new record for the harvest of grain crops - 150 million tons, but at the same time, farmers are in no hurry to rejoice at the achievements of this year. The problem is that domestic consumption is much less, and it is impossible to export wheat for sale. As a result, all grain may remain in Russia. This oversupply has predictably driven prices down. It turns out that farmers spend money, grow grain, but they cannot earn money on the sale.

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What is the danger of a historical record for the harvest of grain? Will all farmers be able to compensate for production costs? How will the price of bread change? The answers to these questions within the framework of the “round table” at MK were sought by State Duma deputy, member of the Committee on Agrarian Issues Sergey Lisovsky, Director of the Department of the Russian Grain Union Elena Tyurina and Doctor of Economics, Professor of the University of Cooperation Dmitry Valigursky. - We have harvested 150 million tons of grain, but not all farmers are jubilant about this. What is the danger of this historical record? Lisovsky: Well, it has always been like this: a bad harvest is a problem, a good one is an even bigger problem. But I would like to say thank you to our farmers for this record harvest. We have something to be proud of, because in 20 years we have practically raised agriculture from its knees. I remember when I came to poultry farming in the 2000s, Westerners ...
Source: Oilworld
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